WirelessSmart Glasses


Go incognito.Never miss a notification.

Phone Calls

Lazy?Answer phone calls with just a swipe.


Shopping list, cheat sheet or hit list.Anything you can think of.

Cue Cards

Memorizing is so 2020.Have the script right in front of your eyes.Literally.

Magnetic Charging

Bring them closeandlet it do the rest.

Focal Glasses.122 2

Swipe it

Scrollingandanswering calls

Double tap

Alternate betweenfunctions

Companion App

Take control.

‘Presentation’ mode: Concentrate and ignore.

Set Notes and Cue Cards.

Enable/disable notifications for each individual app.

Prescription Lens

There are many materials for glasses on the market and we chose MR™, a type of high refractive index lens material. It is thinner, lighter and stronger than its predecessors. We also offer lens that react to UV light, turning into sunglasses temporarily.

Find out more about MR™ lens.

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Free Prescription Lenses!

We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the near future. We are offering free prescription lenses for the first 300 subscribers. Secure your place before the quota runs out!